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The Washington, D.C. Center for Neurocognitive Excellence is the DC Metro Area’s premier center for the evaluation and treatment of ADD and ADHDWe also specialize in Anxiety, Depression, Social Skill deficits and Coaching. We believe in holistic full-service approach that includes therapy, testing, medication, nutritional and organizational coaching.

Getting Started

Call or email us anytime.  We will ensure that you get an appointment as soon as possible and that we begin working straight away.  Our comprehensive assessments use the best diagnostic tools to obtain an accurate picture of you or your loved ones current challenges and greatest potential.  If you think you or your loved one is struggling or could just use an emotional tune up, call us for an initial evaluation.

How to Set Up An Appointment

The Washington, D.C. Center for Neurocognitive Excellence LLC is is located in the heart of the Washington, D.C. at 1050 17th street Suite 800 Washington, D.C. 20036, steps from The White House and DuPont Circle.  The Center is one block from the Farragut North station (Red Line) and two blocks from the Farragut West station (Orange or Blue Line).   Evening and weekend hours available.  Call or email us to schedule an initial evaluation.

Our Services

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Our team of experienced therapists offers connection, support, and guidance for all you or your loved one’s emotional needs. Whether you need individual therapy, couples counseling, group therapy, or coaching we are here to support you. Call us at 202-570-7795.

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Our comprehensive ADHD evaluation include a clinical interview, assessment questionnaires developed by the top ADHD experts, and tests of executive functioning. With your permission and only when appropriate we also involve your family and those who know you best. After the evaluation, you will have a conclusive answer about your ADHD status and a plan for treatment.

All Services


  • ADD/ADHD Evaluations



  • ADHD Coaching (Individual & Group)

More Information

Do you take insurance?
We provide each client with a receipt for services that they can use to file a claim with their insurance provider for out of network services. Many of our clients get a significant reimbursement from their insurance including but not limited to Aetna, Wellpoint, CareFirst BlueCross, Unitedhealth Group, BlueCross BlueShield (Fed and non-fed), and GEHA. After receiving payment from you, we will provide you with a receipt so you can seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

Do you prescribe medicine?
No. We strongly recommend coordinating with your primary care doctor or psychiatrist because they know you best. We can also refer you to a doctor or psychiatrist who can manage your medications.  We will work closely with your doctors to ensure quality care.

Do you do coaching?
Yes. We offer a strength-based approach to coaching which focuses on your core values, short and long term goals. Our experience with ADHD allows us to tailor your program to maximize your unique abilities. In addition to coaching, we also specialize in life and social skill coaching for teens and adults on the spectrum.

What model of therapy do you practice?

Each therapist at The Center utilizes a different therapeutic approach based on the needs of the client. For example, the coaching process is much more cognitive and behavioral with a solution-oriented approach. Schuyler is an expert in CBT, Gestalt, EMDR and a host of other modalities.  Each client session is tailored to their unique and changing needs.

Do you offer alternative treatments instead of medication?
We are open to working with the client’s needs and comfort levels. If a client does not want to use medication, we offer a combination of alternative treatments: Nutrition counseling, sleep hygiene and cognitive/behavioral strategies. We can refer you to naturopathic and homeopathic doctors as well as acupuncturists who can support your needs and comfort levels.

How do you work with outside psychiatrists?
We employ a collaborative approach to treatment. With your permission, we are open to talking with outside doctors and school officials to fully impact the change process.

Does therapy Work?
Absolutely! Countless studies have shown that psychotherapeutic treatment works. The effects have been measured in terms of improved social functioning, relief from anxiety, reductions in depression.  Read more.