How do I know if I have ADHD?
The best way to tell if you have ADHD is a comprehensive evaluation. This should include a clinical interview that looks at both childhood and current symptoms, assessments of executive functioning and tests of attention and focus. The Center can provide you with this type of assessment.
Do you offer neurofeedback or biofeedback?
Yes. Neurofeedback is an excellent alternative to medication for ADHD and there have been numerous articles supporting how effective it is for ADHD. The evidence shows that neurofeedback is equal to stimulant medication and the positive results are lasting for people with ADHD. We offer neurofeedback sessions and recommend two sessions per week. We also use HeartMath Institute’s evidence based approach to biofeedback, including their emWave2 software, to help clients reduce their anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. This software tracks your progress over time and has progressively harder settings to ensure you are learning at the right level.

Do you take insurance?

We provide each client with a receipt for services that they can use to file a claim with their insurance provider for out of network services. Many of our clients get a significant reimbursement from their insurance including Aetna, Wellpoint, CareFirst BlueCross, Unitedhealth Group, BlueCross BlueShield (Fed and non-fed), GEHA, and others. After receiving payment from you, we will provide you with a receipt so you can seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

What is the best treatment for ADHD?
Current research demonstrates that a combination of medication, education, and support through therapy or coaching is most effective. Your therapist will work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your individual goals, needs and comfort level.
Do you offer alternative treatments instead of medication?
Yes. We offer neurofeedback, which the evidence shows is as good as medication for treating ADHD. We offer therapist guided one hour sessions and recommend two sessions per week to get the best results.

Does therapy work?
Absolutely! Countless studies have shown that therapy works. What really makes therapy work is the therapist’s ability to connect with the client by providing a safe environment for self exploration. Additionally, when a therapist and a client create clear goals and steps to achieve them. At the Center we use a few models for goal setting to help you succeed and we are known for creating safe environments for therapy.

How do you work with outside psychiatrists?
We employ an open approach to treatment. With your permission, we are open to talking with outside doctors and school officials to fully impact the change process.
How much is therapy or coaching?
We charge $149-$199 an hour for therapy and coaching of adults.  For an ADHD evaluation we charge $449.

How much is an ADHD evaluation?
For an ADHD Evaluation we charge $449. The evaluation takes between two and three hours.
What is a good diet to help ADHD?
While no one diet has been definitively proven to treat symptoms of ADHD, we recommend the Zone Diet by Dr. Barry Sears to better control the roller coaster feeling associated with ADHD.

How do I contact you to set up an appointment?
You can call us at 202-570-7795 or email schuyler@adhd-center-dc.com. You can also send a secure enquiry by completing this form. You can also visit our Contact Us page.