Washington, D.C. Center for Neurocognitive Excellence

The Washington, D.C. Center for Neurocognitive Excellence is the DC Metro Area’s premier center for the evaluation and treatment of ADD and ADHD. We also specialize in Anxiety, Depression, Social Skill deficits and Coaching. We believe in holistic full-service approach that includes therapy, testing, medication, nutritional and organizational coaching.

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Image of a man with an EEG cap on participating in Neurofeedback Training at the Center for Neurocognitive Excellence.

Neurofeedback Training in DC

Neurofeedback is a a safe and effective alternative to medications for most mental health conditions. It is as easy as watching a movie and as effective as stimulant medication for ADHD.


About Us

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My work with Schuyler was invaluable – one might say transformative. His presence is open, welcoming and safe; and his skill and insightfulness are spot on. He has my deepest gratitude and highest recommendation.

My experience with Schuyler was a great experience. I felt comfortable, at ease and very connected. Schuyler was very easy to talk to and was great at making me feel non judged.