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We are a one stop shop to make this process easier for you! We offer both ADHD diagnostic evaluations (needed for ADHD medications), Comprehensive Testing (needed for accommodations), counseling, qEEGs, and neurofeedback (for those who don't want to take meds).
Call 202-998-ADHD (2343) anytime for a free consultation.

ADHD Assessment

We’ve learned that certainty provides relief. Be certain if you have ADHD. Book a free consultation to discuss an ADHD diagnostic test today.

Individual Therapy

Our therapists offer a supportive therapeutic relationship, helping you to identify the roadblocks that prevent real change.

Neurofeedback Training

It is as easy as watching a movie and as effective as stimulant medication for ADHD without the side effects. We use qEEGs to give you the best neurofeedback experience.

The Benefits of an ADHD Diagnosis for a Child

Learn about the benefits of an ADHD diagnosis for a child.

Watch a short video on WebMD featuring Schuyler Cunningham, our Director, talking about the benefits of a proper diagnosis for a child with ADHD. This video covers what is included in an ADHD diagnosis and why it is important. The assessment is a vital part of any mental health diagnosis and you should fully trust that you're getting the best care. Not to mention that navigating the mental health system can be a big challenge. Watch this video to learn more.


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We were named One of ADDitude Magazine's Top ADHD Clinics in the Mid-Atlantic Region! Our team members are experts in the field of ADHD and testing. Unlike other practices, we have an easy to use client portal and a Client Care Coordinator. Our Client Care Coordinator is key to helping you reach our providers and assiting you to schedule appointments, obtain paperwork for insurance claims, and to brighten your day.

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  • Schuyler and his team are wonderful clinicians. They are very knowledgeable in the testing and treatment of ADHD and other neurocognitive disorders. I highly recommend them.
  • It is so helpful to find a practice that specializes in ADHD and is conversant in the full range of options, from neurofeedback to medication to talk therapy.
  • My experience with Schuyler was a great experience. I felt comfortable, at ease and very connected. Schuyler was very easy to talk to and was great at making me feel non judged.
  • My work with Schuyler was invaluable – one might say transformative. His presence is open, welcoming and safe; and his skill and insightfulness are spot on. He has my deepest gratitude and highest recommendation.
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